Top 10 Best Games for Tablets

At present, we know that the use of tablets has declined notoriously, but it is also important to note that these devices are still good tools in the technology market. The games in them, for example, are a great alternative in the moments where we do not want to have any delivery on the mobile , so we opted to download it on these computers, resulting in a good distraction option at any time.

If you have a tablet and you are thinking of downloading a game with good features to enjoy it anywhere, we bring you the 10 best titles that will certainly put your device as the best entertainment option after the phone . Below you will see the description of each delivery along with its official video, two elements that will make you want to download yes or yes.

Best Tablet Games

Surely some titles and you have listened and even tried, but it never hurts to comment, because every day receive thousands of new downloads from thousands of Android users around the world.

Real Racing 3

We started the list with Real Racing 3. This game is considered one of the best in the racing category that has come out for Android devices, because its style of play, tracks, graphics and multiplayer mode, make it a great choice so that all users with tablets can try it. Here you have more than 35 circuits (17 licensed real locations), more than 140 vehicles and 4,000 tests and cups that are available for you to finish first. Real Racing 3 can be downloaded on Android tablets at no cost

Clash Royale

If you are passionate about strategy games, this will undoubtedly be the best for you. Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game that will undoubtedly fulfill all your expectations. Clash Royale came out of the powerful and successful Clash of Clans, which became one of the most successful titles and has in turn collected more money in the industry. That is why, this delivery of action and strategy bets on the integration of numerous arenas, characters, weapons and challenges that can count on the participation of players from all over the world .

Clash Royale has more than 100 million downloads and a very good rating of 4.5, figures that dazzle us an idea of ​​how great this free delivery can be.

Mortal Kombat X

If you are looking for fighting games this is the best for you. Mortal Kombat X is considered by many to be the best series for various video game consoles, and that is why Warner Bros wanted the title to enter Google Play to position itself as a good alternative in the fight category. In this edition follow their classic characters as they are Sub-Zero and Scorpium , fighters who will be in charge of giving them a defeat to the other opponents. Mortal Kombat X has a very innovative multiplayer mode that allows you to play 3 vs 3 . It is also a free option for all Android tablets.

FIFA Mobile Football

You can never miss the sports genre in entertainment on devices. FIFA Mobile Football gives us the possibility to play the King sport in more than 30 leagues, 650 real teams and with more than 17,000 players through different game modes . As always, you have several controls to the sides of the tablet, some to perform the movement of the player and others for the shots, touches and other actions. Similarly, you can download FIFA without having to pay for it.

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds but with another game mechanic quite attractive: the races with go karts. Rovio impresses again when developing a delivery where we can compete with several characters for different tracks and in various competitions . In addition, it adheres to a local multiplayer mode so that we retain our friends. Also, it allows us to compete in a daily race to achieve winning prizes that come in a hidden box. Like the previous ones, Angry Birds Go! can be downloaded for free.

Dead Trigger 2

This is a zombie-themed first person shooter (FPS) game in which we have only one objective: to kill as many zombies as we can . Dead Trigger 2 puts on a virtual workshop with more than 37 different weapon types that can be used to defeat zombies in more than 660 game scenarios. This title can also be downloaded on tablets for free.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Aside from the series and movies seen all over the planet, Marvel also puts his hand to games with the same themes as his creations, and Spider-Man Unlimited is one of them. We talked about the first free Spider-Man game with great graphics and game features that, among other things, contains a story mode with 5 battles, 25 missions, all in more than 27 scenarios . Taking the essence of the film, here we can swing through New York and fight against the bad characters.

War Robots

As its name indicates, it is a robot wars game that places us in cities and abandoned fields where we can fight with more than 24 battle machines, 20 types of weapons and all kinds of combinations to destroy the opponent . Without doubt, a project really elaborated in the sector of action and shots. War Robots can be purchased for free on all Android tablets.


Another attractive action title is Shadowgun: DeadZone. Unlike the previous one, this one contains human characters where it leaves us to face up to 12 real players by different modalities of game : game to death and control of zone. It also allows us to select one of the 21 weapons and other battle tools. If the previous game did not catch your eye, this surely will.


Sure, and how not to name My Favorite Villain. You probably have already played it on your mobile, but believe us that your tablet will look better. Needless to say the goal of the game, but if it is the first time you see them, here you will have to run through different channels without letting an obstacle stop you . Win bananas and bonuses everywhere. It is also a free game for Android.

And here you have 10 of the best options to have fun from your tablet. For lack of one, you just see 10 titles that are in different categories in Google Play . Download the ones you like and spend hours stuck to your Android device, even if you do not have an internet connection, as we also have a list with the best offline games .

What games will you download on your tablet? We wait for you in all our social networks with the most technological information of the moment.

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