How New WhatsApp Message Deletion Works

How does the new WhatsApp message deletion work? Many users have even heard in the soup that they will be able to delete messages already sent from WhatsApp. But they fail to understand how they work. Today we bring you the answer.

During these days, it has filtered that the deletion of WhatsApp messages is already definitive and that it arrives once and for all to the leading messaging app, so if you use WhatsApp you surely want to know how it works.

Delete messages whatsapp

How new WhatsApp message deletion works:

But this feature that will be arriving in brief to the users is not wasteful, because the users that send by mistake a message now can cancel it . Come on, if something similar happens to you, you’ll be safe.

Because until now, it was impossible to delete a message forever . That is, you swept it and apparently you did not see it, but it was still there, and the other user also had it.

But now, all this changes in the WhatsApp app because we find that the time limit is 5 minutes. After that, it will be impossible to delete the sent message (cancel function) . That is, since you send the wrong message, you will have those five minutes to decide whether to delete the message or not, but then it will be late.

However, also tell you that if you click on the option to cancel the message, the other user might receive as a kind of warning on the screen that you deleted it, so you know that you have canceled a message even though you do not know the Content of the world .


Simply hold down the message you want to delete and then press the undo option  You can do that when it’s available, so try upgrading to the latest version when it’s available to everyone. It is near to arrive and we will tell you.


We have the latest beta and it still does not work . In a previous APK was seen, but is still not operational. Come on, you still can not use it. We will tell you and update this post when you can.

So that’s how the new WhatsApp message deletion works . You will not have to keep asking, and if you have any doubts, you can leave a comment in the box below. (I.e.We hope it has at least been clear how it works.

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