MiniDayz Survival Game available for PC & Android


Many people will know DayZ for being one of the most famous survival for PC and the truth is that their level of popularity is so high that it is rare that he has not heard of it, even if they have not played it. It is one of the few games completely free, without micropayments and the only rule is that you survive, nothing more.

Now, DayZ is a very complex game to play in a mobile environment and the game’s creators have released a reduced version of the original mobile format, Mini DayZ. The name of the name also have not curved much, have gone to the easy.

How is the reduced version of DayZ for Android?

Mini DayZ is a zombie survival game for Android , available completely free for this platform.

It is normal that these games have become famous, of course the number of films and titles that have been based on this format have turned out to be so good that many of them became terribly famous. DayZ is a great game and that’s why its creators have released a mobile version.

Obviously, the format of Mini DayZ, is very different from the original game because it is a ” synthesized ” adaptation in which you will have to survive, but in a very different way.

What happens at Mini DayZ?

The game begins differently, as soon as we enter, we see that its graphics have nothing to do. In Mini DayZ we will be trapped in an island full of zombies and we will have to leave it.

Although the format and graphic are very different the strategy is more or less the same, we will have to endure alive while we are collecting resources and learning the mechanics of the game, once we have passed the tutorial we can move on to the complete format.

In the real game the operation is a total survival , the difference is that we have no help of any kind to complete our purpose. We will appear on a map with nothing, no weapons and no resources of any kind, which will be spread over the map.

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