Minecraft Story Mode 2: Season 2 Now Available

Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there. In addition, they have been able to create an entire universe around them. So millions of players are totally hooked on these games. For Android users was released Minecraft Story Mode a while ago . And it was also a success as expected.

Now the second season arrives and is now available. We present Minecraft Story Mode 2 . This is the second part of the game. Maintaining the narrative quality of the first part and with new chapters that are going to be arriving in a progressive way. And like the first part, we can download the first episode . We tell you more about Minecraft Story Mode 2 below.

Minecraft Story Mode 2: Story mode returns

One aspect that many will like is that if you played the first game, you will be able to continue the story where you left off . Although you will also have the option to start from scratch. You choose the one you prefer. Although it will be the first decision you have to take when you start with this Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Apk. You will also have to decide whether to spend 20.99 euros for the season pass .

The game maintains the essence of the first part that so much liked the users. In addition, the 8-bit graphics that have become the identity mark of the Minecraft universe are still present, as expected. No doubt Telltale is still doing a great job with this game . And it must be said that they have been able to create a story with a narrative that engages the users. Something that is essential in this type of games. But they make it entertaining and awaken the interest of the users at all times.

The first episode of Minecraft Story Mode 2 is now available on Google Play . It has a price of 4.79 euros . The rest of episodes (from 2 to 5) should have the same price, although it is possible to buy a season pass for 20.99 euros , as we have already told.Certainly they are dealing with somewhat high prices, in addition to shopping in the application. Which certainly makes the price soar. What do you think of this Minecraft Story Mode 2?

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two
Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

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