Five Best Skype Alternative Applications for Android

Lately Skype has had flaws , several days that it is unstable and have not given an official statement of what happens. This has caused many people to be upset, since Skype is a communication tool for  long-distance business, communication between family and friends. It is for this reason, the discontent of many when your Skype does not work, some people are not aware that the applications we frequent such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and others, give us the ability to have the same functions What skype

This is why we came to bring the 5 Skype alternatives on Android. Some of them even have it installed in our mobile and we do not need to download it. They are excellent alternatives at the time of a failure with your Skype , in addition, some even seem better option than the same Skype application, but that is the choice of each user. No matter what you choose, the important thing is to offer you what you need and be comfortable with it.

Five alternative applications to Skype:



This is a free messaging application What does it offer? , Unlike Skype, this does not require a username , just need to have the phone number of the person and ready. In addition, it offers the possibility to chat, call (you can also make video calls) and share files quickly and easily. Of course, with anyone around the world who has the same application, it’s kind of like a WhatsApp, but it’s not widely used. Interestingly, contacts are added directly from the phone book.



This application is very popular and we would dare to say that it is on a par with WhatsApp as far as instant messaging is concerned. It connects through the network, so you can talk to anyone in the world who has Telegram on your mobile device. In addition, it offers you endless tools to make your experience pleasant, it also allows you to send multimedia files without limits . What does this mean? , You will be able to send files of the size and type that you want.

Also, you can make groups with up to 5 thousand users. Something interesting, is that you can configure robots for the chats or groups, this is ideal to do some things of your work or do some specific tasks. So if you are looking for a good tool for the job, Telegram has many functions that will help you make your day easier



This is an application that may not be well known but that does not detract from the good functions it brings. It is ideal for coordinating work or conversing with clients, you can have many tools and information that will help you in the day to day. Also, it’s a cross-platform application . What does this mean? Slack is available for any smart device that exists, so you can access from anywhere.



This is a communication application for large groups. The interesting thing is that it allows you to connect your equipment with video calls and so you can manage all the projects or tasks that you have pending long distance. Also, it has real-time instant messaging, audio and video calls with shared screen, is something like Skype, in addition, integrates many applications to enhance the user experience as Trello, Twitter, Hubot and so on.



Last but not least we have the most recognized instant messaging application worldwide. Who does not have WhatsApp on their mobile? , Surely you already know everything that has this application and just tell you that you can make video calls, calls and others. One interesting thing we found in this application is that they are always updating and improving, for example , the update will allow you to delete messages with 5 minutes to spare.

Sometimes, we have these applications on our mobile and are a great alternative for cases where Skype does not work. There are people who prefer some of these before using Skype as the first option, which do you prefer ?.

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