Five Applications No One Remembers Anymore

The Android universe has changed significantly in recent years. The arrival of new versions of Android , which have been refined has been only the first step. Also, it is necessary to emphasize the presence of new applications. More and more apps are available on Google Play . And for various uses. There are many applications for those who want to go on a trip . They certainly help make life easier for us.

While there are many applications available, these also come and go for fashions. There are applications that are very popular for a while and then disappear altogether. Therefore, we bring you a collection of 5 applications that no one remembers . Although all of them were hugely popular in their day . Do you want to know what it is?

Advanced Task Killer:

Before it was proven that task managers and optimizers do not work, it was a most popular application. The reason is that the first Android devices had very little RAM . Therefore, many saw this type of applications a solution to the problem, although the only thing it does is close other applications . Does anyone still use it?

Make Me Old:

There was a time when transforming our face with various applications was fashion. One of the most popular was Make Me Old . As its name indicates, you become an old and almost scary movie. It was a great success, in fact it had more than 10 million downloads .


It is possibly the first game that became extremely popular on Android . Surely many have played, or you have someone close that was playing this scrabble for Android . Many friendships have been broken off to determine if a word was valid or not. Have you played Apalabrados?

Watchdog 3G:

An application whose use was to control the use of network . An application that made a lot of sense in its day, since the 3G did not work as it does now. And also, mobile data was more expensive. Currently, given the evolution of Android itself , it is not necessary to have an application like this.


One of the first instant messaging applications on Android . And one of the most popular in its day. There was chat, voice calls, picture sending, group chat and other functions. Unfortunately for Nimbuzz, WhatsApp came a couple of years later and the rest is history. Have you ever used Nimbuzz?

And you? Do you remember these 5 applications or have you ever used them?

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